If you receive a message stating your Google Account has been suspended and to contact administrator, you can email helpdesk@coastguard.com.au from any other email address.

If you have started to receive this error on or after July 1 it is likely your membership is un-financial following either:

1. Failure to renew you membership.

2. Your Flotilla Administration Officer has not renewed your membership on the database.

Membership Renewal Process

1. Membership renewals are due to be completed by June 30th. 

2. July 1st members who have not been renewed will have their accounts and access suspended as they are un-financial.

3. August 31st members will be resigned and members accounts will be deleted from the system permanently. At this time, members will be required to rejoin the association, they will be unable to renew.

If your account is suspended because your membership has not been renewed, you will need to contact your Flotilla Administration Officer, there is nothing National IT can do to resolve this issue.

If you receive this error at any other time and have confirmed with your Administration Officer that your membership is current, you will need to raise a help desk ticket.