All Flotillas are provisioned with a generic mailbox, typically for example:

By default, this account is delegated to the members of the Flotilla Executive.

These accounts do not have a password and can not be shared generally with members, they must be delegated via Google.

Delegated mailboxes do not have access to Google Drive, Contacts or various other Google Workspace Features, they are strictly a mailbox only account. This behavior can not be modified.

Add a Delegate

To add delegates to your flotillas shared mailbox, please raise a help desk request (from a member of the flotilla executive).  Please note: there is a maximum of 25 delegates per mailbox.  This limit is imposed by Google and we cannot override that number.

Access Delegated Account

To access a delegated mailbox, simply click the Coast Guard logo in the top right of the GMail Window and select the delegated account, it will open in a new tab. You can now use this account to send and receive email as normal.