National IT are able to arrange a range of Software Products under our Charity License, majority of software can be obtained for free, some more specific applications may incur a small cost (significantly lower than retail).

Most commonly requested platforms include Microsoft Windows and Office (both free for Flotillas), but other software is available such as Adobe Creative Suite etc.

If you are looking for specific software, please follow these steps to arrange a license:

  1. Create an Issue in the Helpdesk, be sure to include the following;
    1. Flotilla / Squadron / board buying it
    2. Contact person phone number & email address
    3. Details about whose / which computer its being installed on 
    4. Which products are required and how many of each
  2. An order will be placed and an invoice attached to the Helpdesk Issue. Payment must then be made direct to Connecting Up who will process your order once your payment has been received.
  3. Licence key(s) will be added to a page beginning "Software Licences" in the flotillas / squadrons / boards space in the portal under the "Executive" section 
  4. Downloading the software is the only way to get it, no CDs are supplied

Please Note: These licences are only purchasable by AVCGA, not by members for their own computers.