Flotillas are authorised to have 'mini-sites' set up for flotilla events and/or milestone occasions.

These websites will be setup and managed on AVCGA Servers by National IT, necessary access will be given to a person within the flotilla deemed responsible and knowledgable with website authoring. 

Should a suitably skilled or qualified person not be available at the flotilla, National IT will manage the website including addition of content at the flotillas direction.

Flotilla 'mini-sites' will be provided a subdomain of our primary domain ie. https://flotillaevent.coastguard.com.au

Flotillas are not allowed to manage their own domains, flotillas found to be operating a website outside of National IT management will be shutdown via the domain ie. http://www.flotillaevent.com.au

Flotilla 'mini-sites' established for the purposes of an event or milestone shall only be published for the duration of such event, permission can be requested to have the site extended for purposes of perpetual events.

Access to flotilla 'mini-sites' will be provided by means of our federated authentication system (ActiveDirectory), nominated members will login using their Coast Guard username and password, this allows National IT to reserve the right to revoke access to the site.