Flotillas are allowed to operate their own Facebook pages to target local communities, however, the below guidelines must be followed by any flotilla wishing to establish and operate their own Facebook page.

Pages found to be operating outside the below guidelines will be closed.

Application Process

  • Flotillas must apply, in writing, to the National Executive to seek permission to create a Facebook Page. Applications should be logged via the Coast Guard Help Desk to National IT.
  • The application must be made by a member of the flotilla executive, it is preferred, but not required to have Squadron Executive approval for the application.
  • The application should specify members of the flotilla who require access to the page.
  • Upon a successful application, National IT will create the page according to the points below and add requested members.

Naming Convention

  • All flotilla Facebook pages must follow the standard naming convention: Coast Guard Flotilla Name
  • While the organisation acknowledges our full name to be Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, the above naming convention was identified as it was both short, and in-line with public search queries to locate their flotilla. 
  • Using the full name is cumbersome, using flotilla identifiers such as VF/QF is largely unknown to the general public and not to be used.

Style Guidelines

  • All flotillas must use the approved organisation logo as their profile image.
  • The approved logo will be supplied with the page.
  • A generic 'About Us' page will be supplied containing details about the organisation.


  • National IT and/or National PR must have Administrator Access to the page at all times. This is to protect the organisation.
  • Flotilla members will only be granted 'Editor' Permission to the page. Members who are required to be editors must be nominated to National IT as above.